Spinning Yarn and Weaving Thoughts.

by Tawanna Cullen May. 18, 2017 1882 views
Learning about Yarn Making

She was so interested in learning how to make yarn.

Earlier this month we decided to attend a Renaissance Faire. It was quite the people watching event. Many characters walked the dirt pathways which offered intriguing entertainment for all of us. The day we attended was Scouts Day. The girls could earn a patch if they went around to all of the places listed that had educational activities. One of the stops was a place where they were spinning yarn and weaving fabrics. My littlest one pictured here was so interested in the yarn spinning. The woman here was very attentive to my little one. She took her little hands and showed her how to guide the wool. It was one of the best parts of the day to stand and watch her teach while she learns. It was such a blessing to step back and look at them together. While they were spinning yarn, my thoughts were weaving into a thankful memory. They were strangers but in this moment, that was far from their focus. In that moment I had a knowing in my heart that the older generations are so important and hold so much wisdom and knowledge. I was thankful for her willingness to teach, her gentleness and patience. What a blessing. I was a bit saddened because the time was cut short. We had other stops on the list and this was only the beginning. Although it was short, this moment in time was a treasure. I don't know her name but I sure remember her being a pleasure to learn from.

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