One Grape at a Time.

by Tawanna Cullen May. 27, 2017 281 views
Table Grapes

Table Grapes

So I'm trying to garden. "Trying" is the key word there. I'm pretty inexperienced in gardening but I would really like to improve on growing edible plants. This year we have plenty of grapes growing on the vine. Last year little critters got to enjoy them more than we did. I'm pretty surprised at how well they are growing so far. We'll see in July or August if we will get to harvest them. I'm learning that it's better for me to learn about one thing at a time with gardening. Consuming too much information about it will only overwhelm me and that's an invitation to give up. So far, grapes are doing good!

I wrote that on 05.25.2017 and saved it as a draft. Here it is now 11.21.2017 and the grapes are all gone. They were eaten by both human and bugs. They were actually very good ones. We had a lot, in fact too many to eat ourselves. It was a good growing season. I'm not sure we will do it all again, but I count it as a success since we got to eat them.

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