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Some of my small drawings

Some of my small drawings

You know, I used to draw in my younger years. I lost my way because I believed a lie. I believed that someone else's illustrations were better than mine. I believed that I had no talent. I just stopped. I stopped for years. I put my pencil down and stored my sketch pad out of sight. I saw others going on and on about their artistic abilities while I hid mine because I felt I would be made fun of, because that was the kind of personality I was stuck with back then. Although I stopped, the desire to create art was ever so present. It is a dying feeling when a creative soul stops creating. It was depressing but I survived that period by becoming a Graphic Designer. I traded the pencil for a mouse, but I still missed the pencil...

I'm no longer stuck and feeling like I need to hide for the sake of another person to have all the glory. You should never dim your light because of another person's greed of spot light. We all are born with talents that need to be expressed. That is what makes our world beautiful. Share what you do and don't be ashamed. Well, eventually that person's greed for praise and attention for their talent made their spotlight powered by ego shine so harsh and overpowering to the point where was too uncomfortable for me. I put my shades on and walked away from that situation.

Character is an amazing asset to have when it comes to talent. A person who is highly talented yet humble has an appropriate balance that is so attractive.

As far as me, I broke out the sketch book and put it down here and there throughout the last few years. I haven't got my full confidence back to do it all the time but I mustered up a bit to share with you all. It is my desire to draw more. Today I stand in my own way these days. Breaking out of a mindset that was etched in my brain over 20 years ago can be a bit slow. I'm rusty with the sketching but I guess over time maybe I can regain what was lost.

Hope is wonderful.

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