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My daughter shoveling horses poo in her aunt's paddock in England.

My daughter shoveling horses poo in her aunt's paddock in England.

You know sometimes you have to do clean up. At times it doesn’t matter if it’s your mess, or someone else‘s, we all have our moments that feel like we are shoveling mess! In the moments when life doesn’t present pleasant, or easy situations we have no choice but to dig our heels in and work through it. We could work for seconds, minutes or decades on the same ol thing but when we look up and around at how far we’ve come, our fields are broad and clear. When we realize that our hard work has paid off we can look back and count our blessings, or complain about the work it took. It's all a choice of which perspective we choose to take. Some of us count our blessings all along while working. Others will groan the whole way, possibly making situations worse and never getting out of situations.

Whatever “mess” there is in your life, look for the lesson to gain knowledge and wisdom. It is always something to learn from the difficulties in our lives. It maybe a small lesson or a completely life changing one but we can still learn.

Be encouraged! Hard work will pay off!

photo: My daughters rode their aunts horses in England and had a lesson in what it takes to maintain the paddocks.

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