Reflections of Homeschooling Moments: The Reading Princess

by Tawanna Cullen August. 02, 2018 403 views
Princess Reading Lessons Circa 6/2013

Princess Reading Lessons Circa 6/2013

She dressed up in her Princess Belle dress and put on her ruby red slippers because that is what a princess wears ya know? She is a princess in whatever she wears. I had in mind to do a reading lesson, she had in mind to dress up.
We won. 

Our ability to learn at birth fascinates me. I was referred to a book titled, Teach Your Child To Read in 100 Easy Lessons when my oldest were around 3. I got it immediately and started teaching them. It worked as a good starting point. I started the kids reading as early as they would let me and they all learned at different ages.

In reflection, some days were harder than others because, but we persevered. We got off schedule a few times and picked it back up. They didn't miss a beat but back then I would worry like crazy. Today, they can all read! I call it a success.

I'm so proud of my kids. I love seeing them learn from birth on. The mind is amazing. She's already a really smart princess. She was three in this photo. Today she's nine.

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