Odd Socks

by Tawanna Cullen August. 03, 2018 660 views

My socks rarely match.

My socks rarely match...

My socks rarely match...

Home: It's a nice comfortable place of warm memories for some, and not so much with others. I guess it all depends on your perspective. For me, it's a place where I can relax a bit. I don't have to be “on” in a way. I can be goofy, completely unprofessional, moody, and my socks don't have to match. I love socks. I always wear socks, but they rarely match. It's to the point of if I see a matching pair it's a genuine surprise! That might annoy you, I used to be annoyed with things like that too. Now I just get annoyed with things like off centered handles on cabinets at IKEA lol. I would get so very frustrated because, “Goodness, can't I just have ONE matching pair!?” thinking it's just wrong for them not to match. Well I actually can not pin down the that “pivotal moment” that I got a clue to let it go. It's pretty small in the grand scheme of life. It's become a thing that no one pays attention to now anyway. Everyone knows that Mom's socks never (rarely) match. One day I was outside and my neighbor asked me,

“So what's up with the socks?” 

I was stumped for a moment and looked down to see my socks didn't match. Oops! I laughed and was a little embarrassed as it caught me off guard. I brushed it off saying, “Oh, my socks never match!” We both laughed and continued to chat. Honestly it's just because it's easier for me not to match than to waste time searching the house for matches. The more I'd search to more annoyed I got and who needs Mom mad because she can't find matching socks?! Is that lazy? No it's priorities, and letting go of the small stuff so we can tackle bigger things like not stepping on LEGOS. lol Oh and the solution to my problem is to match them when they are done in the dryer right!? Sounds simple. I yet to do it. So I'll be rocking the odd socks. I've come to actually like oddly paired socks.

So what's a thing that you used to get annoyed with and now it doesn't bother you as much?

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