by Tawanna Cullen August. 14, 2018 545 views
Crepito Ice - Vanilla with whip cream and Caramel on top.

Crepito Ice - Vanilla with whip cream and Caramel on top.

I went somewhere new today. I snuck away for just a moment from sitting in my car outside of a college building. I was waiting for my daughter who is touring a college that she may transfer to soon. As a matter fact, I was still waiting in the car for my daughter to come out when I wrote this. Anyhow I decided I was going to get away just for a little bit because why not?

I searched online to see what treats were near. I was craving ice cream. I saw a new ice cream shop, Crepito Ice. It was only about a 12 minute drive away. It’s a small shop. A very clean small shop and as a matter fact only two people were working in this nice little ice cream shop. I think they might have been the owners. I walked in excited, delighted and very and careless about carbs! I want to just try the vanilla ice cream with whip cream and some caramel topping. I didn’t want to go crazy for just trying it for the first time.

It was good! Very good. It’s cute too!

So back to waiting in the car with the sunroof open, the trees offering natural shade along with a nice gentle breeze, the sun peeking through, watching people go in and out, park and drive away, cars driving up and down the highway...

having had ice cream on this nice sunny day, I have to say... I want some water. lol

Life is good.

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