Lovely Lavender Lemonade

by Tawanna Cullen September. 20, 2018 688 views

I fixed this Lavender and Peppermint Lemonade in the summer of 2016. I must do it again!

It is Lavender and Peppermint Lemonade. How? Your usual lemonade + Lavender+ Peppermint. It's simple and pink! Boil some water, maybe 2 cups and add 1/4 cup of culinary Lavender (dried Lavender) and let it sit for about 30 minutes to an hour. The more you let it sit the more lavender you taste. While its sitting, prepare your lemonade. I admit I totally took a short cut and used what was left of the Lemonade we got from the store. I put a funnel in the lemonade container and a small strainer inside the funnel to strain the lavender. Pour the lavender water into the lemonade, add peppermint leaves or I used a few drops of peppermint essential oil and there you have it. Enjoy. Play around with the measurements until you like it. Use less lavender for a lighter taste, or have more. More lemonade/less lavender or more lavender and less lemonade.

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