Sickness at the Palace

by Tawanna Cullen September. 20, 2018 330 views

Sick at the Palace of Versailles

Sick at the Palace of Versailles

Reflection of June 2018: She sat outside of those golden gates feeling ill. Oh boy she wasn't feeling well and she didn't care what historical location she was at. All she knew was her tummy didn't feel good and we had a long way to travel to get back home.

This morning we were talking about visiting the Getty Museum and she brought up the Louvre. She missed it because she wasn't feeling well. We didn't want to bring her inside and around people. We did attempt to go to the Palace of Versailles to see the gardens. By the time we drove there on our way back to England she was a little better but not a lot better. It soon passed and a few ours later she was back to her happy little self. Maybe one day we will get back to Paris to see the Mona Lisa.

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