BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir

by Tawanna Cullen May. 06, 2019 410 views

✨EXPLORE✨ We visited BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir
It is an absolutely beautiful hand carved creation. All of the details you see are hand carved! The attention to detail and all the intricate work is certainly fascinating. We took our shoes off and walked through the temple. Upon entrance I was taken back by it all being all hand carved white marble. Amazing from the ceiling to the floor! There were two people praying and others visiting the temple. They have a dress code so those that did not come dressed appropriately had to wrap themselves in cloth. We read about the dress code before we got there. Visitors Guidelines are listed on their website. It’s a quiet place where people pray so they keep it as peaceful as possible. The culture of India is so beautiful. While I was there I kept eyeing the beautiful clothing and adornments of everything. It’s all so beautiful. The people are beautiful. It was a good experience to appreciate.
Some may question, "But you’re Christian so why would you go to a Hindu temple?" Yes, my choice of belief is in Christ. He said the greatest commandment is love. Love God and love others, therefore I should love everyone and live in peace with each other. I feel we gain respect for others when we take the time to learn about others. After all, we don’t show love by excluding people! We went to learn about culture and see the beautiful architecture. If anyone was to come to our church that had a different belief, I would embrace them and let them see how we worship. It was good! The people were kind and we appreciated their beautiful culture. If you ever get a chance, go inside the temple! Photos were prohibited inside the temple. It's all white marble and when you step in, you will most certainly appreciate the peace and beauty!

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