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by Tawanna Cullen October. 16, 2020 190 views
Ice cream Date

Ice cream Date

Last week youngest daughter asked me if we could go on a mother daughter date. She originally said Tuesday but since our Monday plans changed she asked for it to be today. Of course I will! It was a really sweet time. She kept saying, “Mommy, thank you for spending time with me.” My heart melted each time and I replied, “Fia, I enjoy you. Thank you for asking me to spend time with you!” So much goes on during the day. I think the running around doing things for them is me showing them love and yes, that does show love but sometimes just spending time with her one on one is what she wants. Never really thought that time with mom was desired but I am forever honored she just wanted to hang out. She didn’t ask for anything, in fact she used a gift card she got to buy us ice cream. ❤️😭

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