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About 'Study Abroad'
I studied abroad for 5 weeks in Lithuania during the summer of 2016 with 8 Lithuanian students and 31 other Architectural Engineering students from Cal Poly. I'd never been to Eastern Europe before, so Lithuania was a very foreign place to me. I loved being able to spend five weeks in the same place because I was really able to immerse myself in the culture and get to know the city of Vilnius. Once our study abroad experience was over, three of my closest friends and I took off and traveled for three weeks through Berlin, Prague, Budapest and Barcelona. We had an incredible time!

About 'Research Internship'
For the first 8 weeks of the summer of 2017 I lived in Auckland, New Zealand and worked as an intern for the University of Auckland's Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. During my internship I mostly helped PhD students with their research in structural and earthquake engineering. Most of the work I did was related to the research of historic masonry buildings, and their behavior during seismic events, specifically relating to the likelihood of survival in an earthquake for people who are in or near these types of buildings. During this time I was also about to go on 2 field testing trips, and every weekend I got to explore a different part of New Zealand.

About 'Community Service'
At the end of the summer of 2017, I planned and attended a two-week-long community service structural engineering trip to Nepal with 14 other Cal Poly students and two advisors of ours. The planning process was very time intensive, but it was well worth it! The purpose of our trip was earthquake rehabilitation from the earthquake that happened in Nepal in 2015. We spent our the first week working on the seismic retrofit of a historic school in Kathmandu, where we created damage maps, a demolition plan, and retrofit solutions for the school. After that we all went on a trek through the Himalayan foothills, which was incredible!


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