Erawan Shine : Small Size Big Legacy

by Terry Chua January. 20, 2018 888 views

Pathum Wan, Bangkok, Thailand

Also known as San Pha Phrom in thai, Erawan Shine is a Hindu shrine and popular worship attraction in downtown Bangkok that houses a statue of Phra Phrom, the Thai representation of the Hindu god Lord Brahma.

Erawan Shine was built in 1956 as part of the then government-owned Erawan Hotel ( now replaced by the Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok) to eliminate the bad karma believed caused by laying the foundations on the wrong date. It's said that in addition to the hotel’s delayed construction, many mishaps like workers got hurt or killed kept happening and boat carrying building materials for the hotel sink leading to superstitious labourers refusing to continue work. Since Erawan is the name of the elephant escort of Indra in Hindu mythology, a priest then determine that Erawan required a passenger and suggested it be the Hindu god of creation, Lord Brahma. Apparently with the construction of the shine, the rest of the building work carry on smoothly. Even when Grand Hyatt bought over the hotel during the 1990s and rebuild it, Erawan Shine remain untouched by them.

This shrine is said to bring those who visit good luck and that it will grant any visitor a wish. Many locals and tourist also gather here with everything from lighted incense to colourful marigold garlands to present as offerings. It often features performances by resident Thai dance troupes, who are hired by worshippers in return for seeing their prayers at the shrine answered.

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Berckmans Peter 2 years, 10 months ago

Long time since I have been to that shrine.

2 years, 10 months ago Edited
Terry Chua Replied to Berckmans Peter 2 years, 10 months ago

I visit Bangkok every January since 2012, this shine remain very much unchanged as compare what's going on to Siam and Patrunam.

2 years, 10 months ago Edited