The Lumberjack Festival

by Rob Martin & Rob Crowley June. 09, 2007 1120 views

Before we moved to Seattle we read about “Lumberjack” festivals that happened once a year around the state and we thought, wouldn't that be cool?!

Well, one day in July (an unseasonably WET day in July) our friend Aaron (an underwriter for an insurance company) emailed asking if we'd be interested in a little trip to Deming, WA to check out a show he needed to attend for work. We asked what kind of show that might be and he said “well, I'm insuring logging equipment now… it's a lumberjack festival”. DONE!

It was wet and a little creepy. 4 city kids (OBVIOUS city kids) waltzing around among the biggest trucks and machines we'd ever seen. Our lack of facial hair made us obvious standouts. All in all - it was a blast!

1. "Hmmm… maybe if I pretend to be taking an important phone call people won't notice I'm the only one in camo shorts"

2. "So… I'm standing in a wet field getting rained on surrounded by logging trucks and heavy machinery… well, at least I have my bright lime green umbrella to cheer me up!"

3. "I think I'll just hang back and pretend to be offering these city guys some directions… then maybe I can pass for a local. Not".

"Yep, if that crane thing falls on us we die."

The Event Pit

"We're completely ridiculous. So?"

Tim still playing the "I'm an important business man" game while scoping around for the least offensive hot dog stand.

This thing snuck up behind us. It felt like “Children of the Corn” meets “Christine”

yup, that kid's about 12 years old and he's a few hundred feet off the ground. And you thought YOU climbed trees as a kid.

…oh, and in the rain.

Lumberjacks getting ready for the show.

On the wrong side of the tracks

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