Fun with Photoshop

by Rob Martin & Rob Crowley March. 02, 2008 1259 views

We decided to take some of our favorite photos and distort them using a photo editor, just to see what would come of it. Some images are minimally touched and others are heavily saturated or the ever cliché “foggy” (but still pretty cool!).

Saguaro National Park outside of Tucson, Arizona. We warmed up this picture to emphasize how hot it was that day. Arizona was in the middle of drought when this and the next photo were taken.

Rob M took this picture at Golden Gardens Park in Seattle. It's been "warmed up" too, even though it was unusually FREEZING this day in March.

Taken on the San Juan Islands, WA.

We snapped this photo from the ferry boat leaving the San Juans and made the greens pop.

Rob M took this while Rob C was interviewing with in the hopes that we'd be moving to Seattle. Our hopes came true and this is one of the coolest photos from Rob's adventures (and he walked just about the entire city!). We saturated the colors.

Another saturated image of the Seattle skyline, taken from a park in West Seattle.

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