San Juan, Puerto Rico

by Rob Martin & Rob Crowley December. 13, 2010 1335 views

We spent two nights in San Juan, Puerto Rico before boarding our cruise on December 13. It was our second time there but the first time we were really able to explore the city a little. We loved the energy and culture and the hotel, La Concha, was a nice surprise as well.

We booked two nights in San Juan as a safe guard in case we missed one of our connecting flights to Puerto Rico. Ultimately, we landed in San Juan without any trouble… but our luggage did not. After confirming it was unlikely it would arrive the first night we found a Walgreen's down the street from our hotel and were able to buy toothpaste, toothbrushes, contact solution, etc. We weren't sure if Walgreen's sold socks or underwear and quickly learned they did not - except for a display of $5 Christmas boxer shorts in a variety of unattractive prints and colors. We dug through looking for our sizes and Rob C found a red pair with snowmen on them and decided those were the least offensive added them to the basket. Rob M kept looking for his size and ultimately found a black pair with christmas lights on them and “Feliz Navidad” pasted across the front and backside. Perhaps the best part was the drunk homeless man who stumbled past and laughed at us while Rob M was inspecting his future purchase.

Thankfully we received confirmation our luggage would be arriving the next night and it did, so we were able to sleep knowing we'd have clothes for the cruise leaving the next day!

The view of the ocean from our hotel balcony.

This was the inside courtyard of the hotel. The rooms were all large suites with a kitchenette, mini-living room and a hallway leading past a modern bathroom to the bedroom and the balcony that faced the ocean. Again - it was a VERY pleasant surprise!

Caught lots of great photos of the surf!

Feliz Navidad!!

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Claire 9 years, 11 months ago

beautiful set !

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