Roseau, Dominica

by Rob Martin & Rob Crowley December. 17, 2010 1794 views

Dominica was the first of five islands on this trip that we hadn't been to before so we were excited to explore! We booked an excursion for this island to a Hot Springs place in the mountains. The tour took about 10 of us in a van up into the mountains on curvy 1 way roads and stopped part way there at a view point overlooking the harbor we'd just left. Then we continued on to Titou Gorge []. We were at the front of the group as we walked through the jungle to the cave. When we got there another group was leaving the pool and they said “yeah, you just get in and swim through to a waterfall”. ok. The pool where you start was shallow so we walked in with our crocs and then started walking to through the gorge… and then the water got too deep to walk so we started to swim - with crocs on. Not a good idea. We assumed it was a short distance to we just kept going. Rob M started to basically drown so he turned around to head back and drop off his crocs. I took mine off and held them and kept going. I got to the waterfall and it was just me and a couple from the previous group who were wearing lap life preservers. Then people from our group started coming through - all with life preservers. And finally Rob M came back in with our guide, both wearing life preservers. Apparently they were mandatory. Oops. So our guide gave me hers. After spending a few minutes at the waterfall we turned back, got out and dried off then got back in the van to head to the Hot Springs. This water, by the way, was COLD! Not what we'd been expecting on a “Hot Springs Tour”, so we were ready for the next (and final) stop. Also, everyone else on the trip seemed to be wise enough to bring a waterproof camera but we didn't even think of it! So no photos really of the gorge except us walking to it and then one of Rob C after his swim.

After a short drive we arrived at "Screw []“, a sulphur spring spa. The owner found the spring a few years ago, bought the land and built pools from stone to collect the water then opened it to the public. The water was PERFECT! The sulphur makes the water look murky but a hand painted sign informed us that ”Sulphur is orange no dirt“ with a ”y“ added at some point later, but still waiting a ”t“ for ”not". :-)

After an hour or so of enjoying the 3 pools and cold plunge pool we dried off and heading back to the harbor where we got back on the boat, changed, had lunch then went back out to walk around Roseau a little. It was a fun day!

Our first view of Dominica as we disembarked the ship.

The first stop on our Hot Springs adventure, overlooking the harbor (behind us).

Rob walking up to Titou Gorge

The first pool at Titou Gorge. The gorge is to the right of this photo.

Mr. Screw built the hot springs spa… not sure he gets the double meaning here…

A shot of the boardwalk in Roseau.

The captain opened up the Helipad for guests to enjoy the views of the town and the sunset. Very cool!

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