August 28th- from last evening

by Beth August. 28, 2009 1576 views

Back to Li'l Havana for a film chicks happy hour meetup (we're going to try and do it every 2 weeks while the weather is nice).

Here's Susan and Liz…

and Becca and Crystal. (with yes, more margaritas at $10 a pitcher!)

A couple out on the patio there had their little labradoodle puppy with them, Lainey. She was soo cute! I had to keep petting her each time I walked by.

Such a cute little doggie face.

Rosemarie and Carol.

and Trish and me, and a margarita ;-)

Then, on to the James Joyce, (our regular Brit Expat get together spot) for Judith's last night there before she moves back to the UK. Fun, but bittersweet.
Here's Marci and Cynthia,

and me and Judith.( I got a little ferklempt as I went to compress this picture to post it.)

Also there, not pictured: Andy C (Marci's husband), Ben and CJ, and my husband, Paul.

We came to see Corrina, one of the Irish waitressess we know from there, sing.

Someone's rum and coke, I think. (Not mine, by this point, after all those margies earlier, it was club soda for me!)

(So today I don't really anticipate doing much that's picture worthy, so I decided to post last night's pics today.) (The weekend should be pretty jam packed, though…)

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Poppyg 8 years ago

the pooch looks adorable -

8 years ago Edited
Oweena 8 years ago

That labradoodle is at the gawky stage, hopefully he'll grow into his disparate parts.

8 years ago Edited
Moxie 8 years ago

Did you steal the Labradoodle?? Looks like a good time was had by all.

8 years ago Edited
Melanie Olson 8 years ago

Love your glasses, MizB!

8 years ago Edited
Websterella 8 years ago

That's the cutest puppy face.

8 years ago Edited
Andrea 8 years ago

You're such a socialite :-)

8 years ago Edited
Itch4travel 8 years ago

That is a great way to spend the evening!

8 years ago Edited
Tulpje 8 years ago

Little havana makes me homesick for big Havana.

8 years ago Edited
Truenic 8 years ago

also love the labradoodle! Such great personalities and smarty-pants too.
Is it part of a Women in Film group that you meet with? We have those here too.

8 years ago Edited