Better Than Barstow!

by Threepeas June. 14, 2009 1044 views

Tom got us up at 5:30 so we could drive the 2 1/2 hours to Burney Falls and be there early…all so he could see the black swifts. I came for the Falls and the geocaches. Co-Assistant Photoblogger was not at all enthusiastic about this trip and really slept most of the day thanks to six days on houseboats and a strong dose of dramamine.

The Falls were beautiful.

Some nice girl scouts took this picture…this was the biggest smile we got all day from co-assistant photoblogger.

Chasing the elusive black swift with his camera…apparently they nest behind the falls…sort of saw one on it's nest with the spotting scope.

Birder at work. You really can't appreciate the hill he had to carry this gear back up…would've helped, but we were already up top looking for geocaches.

THIS IS THE BIRD! They were so fast, this is the best detail he could get.

The river leading up to the falls.

Tracking down one of the three geocaches we got today.

Above the river.

Big tree.

Lake Britton.

Found this old railroad bridge while hunting down a purple martin. Looks easy to cross until you get close and see the space between the creaky railroad ties.

This is as far as I got.

Tom took the pictures.

The view from the railroad bridge.

The other direction.

He looks a little smug, doesn't he?

Lunch at the Manzanita Lake parking lot in Lassen Volcanic National Park.

Illegal feeding of the Stellar's Jays in the parking lot. Co-Assistant Photoblogger was not at all happy at having to sacrifice some of her cheetos for the bird picture.

First view of Mt. Lassen from the devastated area. It was obscured in clouds all day.

Can see a little higher up the mountain.

The trees have to be tough to survive at 8500 ft elevation.

The beginning of the trail up the mountain. The trail was closed…a great relief to Co-Assistant Photoblogger. We dragged her up to the top of the mountain two summers ago…it was a tough hike for her.

Several people were hiking part of the way up and skiing down.

Love the glacial blue color of Lake Helen.

Mighty explorer.

One of the few times she was awake today.

Child's Meadow way down there somewhere.

Truly you need smell-o-vision for this pic. The sulfur pots were bubbling fiercely today.

Sulfur cloud coming out of the side of this hill.

This set of pics is a shout out to Kat, who spent the night in Barstow last night on her family road trip. I hope tonight in Flagstaff is prettier than Barstow!

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