Hey, I forgot I had this roll. Develop? Yes.

by Jarrod Hills January. 27, 2017 868 views

I like to take photos. Obvious since I am here. I really enjoy taking photos with film. I am not too sure why but I do. I know that I can emulate using Nix/ Google Effects, and I sometimes do, but it is not quite the same really. There is just something about the whole act of shooting film. The meters are not always correct so shots are going to be different. The film is never the same, even from the same batch. Many of my cameras are old enough to where I have to use an external meter to figure out the best settings. It is also very limiting. I have anywhere from 7 to 24, depending upon the format I choose to shoot that day, frames so I cannot just click away. That is actually really nice as you have to focus on everything.

I am a Pentax guy. I inherited that from my parents. They always had a Pentax SLR when I was growing up. I am not too sure if that was because they were brand loyal, what was available at the time, was the cheapest, or whatnot. Not too sure but I started shooting with Pentax gear. It was only until recently that I switched. I had a K7 and about 4 lenses I always carried with me. That was my load out. Problem is, that kit was heavy and bulky but for what I was doing at the time, totally acceptable. Then we had my daughter and there was a paradigm shift. I loved my fast primes and zooms but they were a lot to carry around. My photography took on a very family oriented mission and that weight and bulk became an anchor, not an advantage. So, away the specific APS-C Pentax digital stuff went and I transferred that money into an Olympus OMD EM10 Micro 4/3 kit and it was money well spent (most of the shots in this project are from that camera). Small, light, great IQ, not an anchor. 

Here came the problem. I am still a Pentax guy and I had a lot of K mount lenses so I pulled out my parents old P30T. A great, lightweight SLR but I ran into a problem. No ISO adjustment. It read the 35mm film canisters and that was that. So, I set out trying to find another lightweight SLR body to use. I found a ZX5 for about $10. Gave me more control but the focusing screen had no prism as it was meant to primarily shoot AF lenses. No prism makes focusing very difficult. On I went. I then found what is my ultimate SLR and had it CLA'd (cleaned, lubed, adjusted). Basically, disassembled and tuned. My Pentax MX. Not too lightweight but small and supremely capable. One problem, and a familiar one. The focusing screen was better than that of the ZX5 but not too much. The hunt began. New focusing screens are unobtainable as the camera has not been produced in a long time. I eventually found a screen that was meant for the model that came after the MX but was known to fit. eBay came in and I found one. Dropped it in. Took 3 test rolls and all my focus was off in the one that I developed. If the focusing screen is not in adjustment, this will happen. Disgusted, I put it away. A few months later I picked it back up and tried again. Success! It was not a focus issue, it was a stability issue. I was probably pushing too hard on the shutter release button and ever so slightly moving the composition. 

That then leads me to my "found" film. It had been sitting in the back of the fridge for months. I never threw it away but also had no reason to develop it. Out it came and to the lab it went. One roll of Ilford XP2 Super 400 (black and white) and one roll of Kodak Gold 200 (color). 

These were quick and dirty scans. I did not do my usual cleaning the film and holder before scanning, hence the dust specks. 

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Helen Hooker 2 years, 10 months ago

Adorable portraits - so sweet!

2 years, 10 months ago Edited
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