Gordon Norris Sculpture Artist

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Gordon Norris is a local sculpture artist from Rowlett, TX and a very good friend of mine.  When asked if I could photograph his portfolio I said YES.  

For more than 30 years Gordon’s connection to Sculpture, Art, Pottery and Business has given him the unique freedom to travel, examine and study the world from its prehistoric past to the present.  His studies of Ancient Cultures, Rock Art, Petroglyphs and Present Day Art have led him to study with International Artists Lucy M Lewis, Blue Corn and Juan Quezada; and Nationally Revered Artist Randy Bordeaux and George Davis.

Each sculpture, each creation is entirely hand built using pinch, coil, and slab methods to manipulate the clay.  But rather than be limited to traditional forms of sculpture Gordon often transcends tradition by using natural stains, leather, silver, bone, feathers, drawings or sculptured clothing to enhance the sculpture composition.  From the meticulously chosen enrichment springs the contemporary interpretation of the majestic souls of art.

From his home studio Gordon’s thrust is not to just create sculpture but to create artistic sculpture compositions. As his mentor George Davis said “That is when Gordon the Sculptor stops and Gordon the Artist takes over”.  Gordon’s creations are treasured by owners through out the United States, Europe and Australia. 

EDUCATION:      BS Degree Comprehensive in Science Ball State University, IN;

                                Post Graduate Work—Indiana-Purdue University, IN; Richland, Eastfield and                                    Cedar Valley Colleges, TX; University of Southern California – Idyllwild School of                                    Music and Art, CA; Native American Clay and Art Studies Chico Canyon, NM;                                       George   Davis School of Figurative Sculpture Dallas, TX.


Puchamama is the chief Goddess of the ancient Inca Indians. She is the wife of Pacha Kamas, a dragon, and the deity of fertility who presided over planting and harvesting.  She was also the goddess that causes earthquakes.  This spiritual goddess primarily inhabited the famous Machu Picchu ruins which is located in Southern Peru on the Eastern slope of the Peruvian Andes.  Machu Picchu is the Inca ruins where the mammoth land sculptures are located which can only be viewed from a sky position. 

The sculpture is the artist interpolation of Puchamama sitting on the sands of Machu Picchu praying to the sun.  The stone is from Peru and has one of mammoth land sculptures drawn on it. 

1st Place Sculpture – Dallas Division National Veterans Creative Arts Competition – February 23, 2016 

Gordon Norris Sculpture Artist


Wanted to share a great positive experience I had through TSA and a TSA Membership show twenty years ago.

As some of you know I belonged to TSA approximately 20 years ago, dropped out and rejoined last year.  Twenty years ago TSA, we were doing membership shows at the Trammell Crow Center in the Arts District downtown Dallas.  At one of those show I met a woman that was in charge of the arts program for a Mental/Psycological Half Way House on Gaston Avenue in Dallas.  She briefly explained their program and we exchanged phone numbers.  A few weeks later I visited their program and we discussed the possibility of setting up an Artistic Pottery/Sculpture program for the Half Way House.  As with most non profit they were short on funds and I volunteered to set up and teach the program. 

The Half Way House normally had approximately 20 to 25 clients at one time and many had excellent artistic talents.  You may not know but people with psy/emotional issues the percentage of individuals with good artistic abilities runs about 34 % and with individuals in the general population with good artistic ability the percentage is only about 3%.  Study was conducted in California some years ago.  Back to the point—over the next two years we worked with clients with every type of psy/mental/emotional issue you can imagine and some you could not imagine.  The goals of the program were to turn negative behavior, skills and energy into positive behavior, skills and energy and to give the clients a positive outlet for negative feelings and stress.  We had excellent results, the amount of frustration and emotional stress that was released by the clients through this program was tremendous.  Some of the clients even developed their artistic and sculpting skills to the point they could support or partly support themselves from the sale of their art work.

After two years I had trained enough of the Half Way House permanent staff to work with clay and sculpt that I could turn the program over to them and I could just occasionally consult and mentor.  Being able to create and sculpt is a great gift and if you have not had the opportunity to reach out and share your gift I encourage you to do so.

You never know who, how, or how many people you will positively affect.

Gordon Norris

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