Today we celebrate the launch of our official blog!

by Tiffany Mueller October. 19, 2016 3066 views

Many thanks to the PhotoBlog Community!

Put your party hats on everyone, today is launch day! It’s finally here and we’re glad you came to celebrate with us. Our official blog has been launched! It’s been a fun and rewarding experience creating a place where photographers can come to teach and to learn.  Especially when you have such a motivating reason to create it.

We have an extraordinary community here on PhotoBlog. Really, you guys are great. Everyday we look forward to checking in with you to see what kind of adventures you’ve been on. You never let us down. This is what’s really cool about our community and is part of what makes you so special. Not once have you disappointed us. Day in and day out, you all tirelessly share your amazing stories and beautiful photos with us. We’re both humbled and honored.

The official blog is our way of saying thanks and giving back to our community which has grown bigger and stronger every day since 2006. Whether you’ve been with us from the beginning or have just joined the family, we want to thank you. We built this blog for you.

It is a place you can come to learn, share, and get inspired. We’ve assembled a talented team of photographers and educators who are excited to be part of the community and help us all grow as visual storytellers. We hope this blog provides you with all the resources and tools you’ll need to show us your stories in incredible new ways.

As we grow our official blog into a flourishing learning center together, remember, your voice matters! I’d love to hear what you’re interested in learning about. Additionally, if you see a way we can improve things, feel free to contact me at [email protected].

Read Kendra Swalls' great article on composition tips.

So spend a few minutes taking the new blog for a spin. For starters, one of our experts, Kendra Swalls, has put together this amazing (and huge) list of composition techniques that are suitable for all skill levels. I know I learned a thing or two from it! 

You’ll also want to head over to the new home of our Weekly Theme posts. In fact, we’ve just posted a fresh weekly challenge!

If you haven't already, take a minute to read the announcement about our forums! It's a fun new feature here on PhotoBlog I think you're going to really love. 

Check it out and remember to drop me a line or leave a comment with your suggestions and post ideas.


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Giancarlo Fosci 4 years ago

Thank you for making possible the rebirth of this blog :)

4 years ago Edited
Daris Pro 4 years ago

Thans for sharing your official blog!would love to improved more through your blog tips

4 years ago Edited
Tiffany Mueller Replied to Daris Pro 4 years ago

Thank you, Dario. Glad you're here to learn with us!

4 years ago Edited
Ram Ya 4 years ago

I would like to thank Tiffany and our world class writing team for making this launch possible.
Looking forward to learning photography and blogging through this learning platform.

4 years ago Edited
Tiffany Mueller Replied to Ram Ya 4 years ago

Thank you, Ram!

4 years ago Edited
Jay Boggess 4 years ago

Congratulations on your continuing quest to make this blog such a delight, especially for a "rookie" like me! I love the friends I've made and things I'm learning! Hats off to you & everyone for being so friendly & helpful & just plain fun!!!! Cheers!

4 years ago Edited
Tiffany Mueller Replied to Jay Boggess 4 years ago

Thanks, Jay! Glad you're having fun here, we have a lot of fun too!

4 years ago Edited
Jay Boggess Replied to Tiffany Mueller 4 years ago

Thanks to You & ur Crew, for keeping this "party" rollin'!!!

4 years ago Edited