One of those lonely walks in Cairo

by Tina Meparishvili November. 20, 2016 1770 views

"Thoughts come clearly while one walks" - Thomas Mann

I believe there are no heavy thoughts, no emotional breakdowns one cannot process while they take a stroll in streets, winding one's mind and pleasing one's eyes by exploring diverse, lively or remote areas.

I do too endlessly, I do it in every country I go, everywhere I live, and sometimes, when I am stuck in the office working diligently for hours, my mind flies off for a walk back to all those places I visited once.  

This is one of my Egyptian lonely walks, the one that helped me reach the peace of my mind...

auto portrait

And here I am, off for a walk...

the nile

 I walk along the Nile, enjoining the view, meditate, while the river flows beside me.


One can find simply everything along the Nile, such as this still life that every artist would want to depict on their extraordinary contemporary art canvas.


Colorful streets of Zamalek catch the rambler's eye.


Egyptian pride can be found everywhere on the streets of Cairo.


And then, sun sets over the Nile, takes all the pain away and leaves people in peace and with hope of a better tomorrow.

my block of apt

And I return back to my neighborhood... another day is over. 

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