Children of Upper Egypt

by Tina Meparishvili March. 27, 2017 2805 views

While travelling in Upper Egypt, I visited numerous masterpieces of architecture and saw mind-blowing artwork... but still, nothing can ever compare to the experience I gained just by walking down the small streets of Aswan, Luxor and Elephantine Island, meeting locals who always greet with the greatest, warmest smile. They are the best demonstration of how happiness can be found in simplicity. 

These are the photos of the children I met in Upper Egypt. They are the children of the Sun!

Their eyes are bottomless deep and look as wise as those of an old man... 

Their smiles are sincere, honest and truthful...

Love shines in their eyes...

With them strangers are transported to a bubble of happiness, and once they experience the soul warming feeling of humbleness, they will never want to leave.

Sometimes the pain of humanity can be read in their eyes...

But they can face all the hardship better than any adult could do. 

Again, with a peaceful smile...

And manly, tough look...

Well, orange helps to deal with many situations too. 

The children of the Sun know the secret of happiness in life <3 

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Teo Jakeli 7 months, 2 weeks ago

What an emotion <3

7 months, 2 weeks ago Edited