Departure 出发 Chūfā

by Tiyana September. 01, 2016 563 views

I don't have much to say about getting to my flight, it does seem to be a blur of finality and adrenaline. I remember being so tired I slept for most of the drive there, the check-in ladies being confused as to why I had no return ticket. Then suddenly being at what I called "The Point of No Return" AKA airport security where the wonderful family members who were with me throughout Gatwick could no longer follow. My Aunties felt my phrase was too strong and we proceeded to take a thousand photos. After I went going through security we continued to test a theory 'how long can we wave at each other until it's impossible to', the results; with the family pressed up against the barriers, we waved until I reached the end of the security room and rounded the corner to duty free where, I finally bought a little bottle of Mosquito repellent which would later be a life-saver.

Gatwick North Terminal

Jerelm, Kadie-ann, Cheyanne, and Uriah my cousins

My aunties; Alicia, Jennifer, Yvonne and my Dad

The last selfie and it's a good one!

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