Goodbye 再见 Zàijiàn

by Tiyana September. 01, 2016 643 views

The run up to my departure was made even more upsetting by the fact that I would fly out after most of my family had left for their holiday (due to my visa coming late). The goodbye was also a rush as they hurried to catch the 250 bus at around 4am. I quickly hugged and kissed my younger sisters Corin and Ashaye, then my Grandparents who gave me some words of advice and finally my Mum as I helped load up their luggage, all-the-while the bus driver and a bemused bunch of passengers waited. I could no longer hold it in when Mum and I locked eyes as the double decker drove away from the stop. I continued to cry on the street as I walked back to the house with my dad, where we would try to get a few hours sleep before my busy departure day began.

A packed but wonky suitcase

After neither of us got any sleep Dad went off to work and I went to collect my visa.(not before making my last English breakfast; a fry-up). I took the awful southern train service and the tube to Bank where the expensive visa company was located. I then managed to get a lot done that morning, visiting both my banks,  two phone companies about my current and temporary SIM, plus a few pharmacies I felt were too expensive to actually buy repellent from.

The expensive visa company was my quickest option

Finally I managed to address my biggest issue; the suitcase I had borrowed from my grandparents essentially became immobile and tipped over when full. I popped into Wilko in Penge and bought a light-weight case plus some other essentials like a scale to meet that 30kg and a tag which tells you what's what. I then went home to repack my case and was ready to leave.

My new suitcase and luggage tag

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