Shunyi Hotel 顺义宾馆 Shùnyì Bīnguăn

by Tiyana October. 08, 2016 815 views

I asked Li Ang if I had a roommate yet, not because I particularly wanted one but because I was more concerned about waking someone up while I moved in as it neared midnight. The answer was no, and I was escorted to the block C building of the hotel where all of the English Language Assistants (ELAs) were staying, to my surprise my door was right in the lobby.

Block C during the day

The beautiful lake by Block C and my first Instagram picture from China

 The main reception

Our experience of Shunyi Hotel was overall great staff where eager to help for example on the number of occasions that my schedule had the wrong time or I completely overslept and missed a meal. They were always quick to find me leftovers to eat while they ate too. 

breakfast, lunch and dinner coupons

After disturbing the array of complimentary toiletries in the room such as using the toothbrush, toothpaste, shower cap and gel on account of being  both curious to see if Chinese toothpaste was different and too lazy to partially unpack my suitcase I was fascinated to see not only the towels changed after lunch but every item replaced even the slippers I had worn once had vanished and a new pair still in the packet had appeared. After testing this out a few more times and opening a new shower gel, toothbrush and pack of temporary slippers everyday I concluded that they must be throwing the items away, so I began to hide my toothbrushes from the maid. I now have 3 toothbrushes and a pair of Shunyi Hotel temporary slippers.

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