Survival Chinese and dumplings 饺子 jiǎo zǐ

by Tiyana April. 01, 2017 555 views

As I mentioned in previous posts we were also scheduled in for some basic Chinese lessons however most people used this 'optional' class as a break from the rigid schedule and skipped it to rest. I had already done 8 months of lessons in London before coming to China (as any true Chinese geek would) but was still interested in seeing a class. As expected it was too easy and I spent the lesson giving answers to Oyi, Sophie and the boys as the teacher threw vocabulary at them in such as small amount of time.

The class was every other week so the next one would be the last. Aside from meeting great people I was bored of the survival Chinese class already until the teacher said next lesson we would be learning to make dumplings!

Filling dumplings

The teacher came prepared with all the ingredients and a hotpot, after she showed us an effortless example of her filling and pleating a dumpling extremely fast, we all began trying to make the perfect dumpling shape and size and getting competitive.

Boiling dumplings

We then of course got to enjoy our boiling hot (and misshapen) dumplings 

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