Last day at 'Shunyi Renhe' Middle School 中学 zhōngxué

by Tiyana April. 21, 2017 300 views

Being a foreign teacher in China is wonderful it's a completely paradoxical to how teachers are treated in the west, so here's images of how we were treated to an evening of dinner, performances by students and gifts on our final day (for me after only a few lessons).

Watching Harry Potter

Very last minuet we were told to teach the students an English song to perfom at the end of the summer school, so Asmaa and I's last lesson started with reheasing my choice of Stay With Me by Sam Smith for the last time. We then moved on to playing games and finally concluded with watching a teasingly short amount of Harry Potter and The Philospher's Stone before time was up.

Watching the boys teach

We then joined the boys who taught the other class next door and the other four teachers who taught our classes in the mornings. This group included Louise who was from scotland but i'd met previously in London at The British council orientation day where I found out she and another girl Chloe were placed in my province too. 

Asmaa and I with our class behind us

We were lead by our faithful senior student guide to watch perfomances by students in our honour, we sat front and centre in a brand new auditorium which felt large as we were only accompanied by our two classes, the school leaders and some teachers.

English Summer Camp Closing Ceremony hosts

The closing ceremony began with a slide show of sneaky shots of our classes. I got to see what I had missed from much of the camp including outdoor classes earlier on plus an insight into the morning teachers' lesson. It was interesting as their existence was only really apprent to us afternoon teachers when they'd crossed a topic off the list that you really wanted to teach, or the students kept saying a new phrase they'd learnt in the morning. Asmaa expressed embarassment at the pictures but I was just glad to make it into a few at the end due to my short time here

Me observing Asmaa's class

We were given bags of little Chinese snacks which I would soon notice is a running theme in China.

Me observing Asmaa's class

Louise doing a game in her morning lesson with our class

We taste tested our snacks of things such as spicy tofu and dried fruit with students watching closley for our reactions behind us aswe watched some talented performances by each class including singing, dancing english readings of chinese traditional dramas, perfromances including Snow White and even beatboxing which Asmaa was roped into joining.

English reading of a Chinese scene

The Emporer's New Clothes performance

Dance performance

To be continued in 'Closing ceremony at 'Shunyi Renhe' Middle School' post.

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