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I am back in the SOUTH !!!! I am a mother of 4 handsome sons and 2 beautiful daughters....I have 11 grandchildren .I love being back down in the south. Its home and in my kids lives... Family is VERY important to me....I love to be outdoors .....I love to do most things outdoors..... Thank you Thomas ( Mystic1) for showing me this site. I am going to get back into it. I really enjoyed it !!! I do have to say Oregon is bin eautiful wish I could have spent more time with my lil sister and family.......I will be back to Oregon to visit my family. Its very pretty there. Im back in Texas whered a girl belongs. God has restored a lot in my life. Working on me. And I give all the glory to Him. I love the things that God is doing my life. For without Him I wouldnt be where I am today.


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