Camping trip day 2

by Tommy Bowser June. 02, 2007 1682 views

Bacon is great.

Sausage is great.

Bacon cheeseburgers for breakfast!



Our campsite ruled.

Justin is jealous of those dudes who don't have to pedal.

We are wine snobs, even though we are drinking wine out of little plastic cups.

Our second time in the crystal cave.


Don't crash into the tree.

Ice cream from the chocolate museum.

Boats in the bay.

One of South Bass Island's watersnakes.

This monument be's crooks.

I have insane bicycling skills.

The bay, babay.

See that dude down there? Me neither.

Mark, Tom, Michelle.

I love this picture.

Take it off, Rosie.

Waters do's be's coldses.

The girls found wood that actually burns and got the fire going.

Home sweet tarp.

Cooking, eating, eating.

Sol beer is great.

Check out those eggs!

A cool place.

They sat up all night pounding Sols.

Everybody else went to bed.

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