Canada Trip Day 2

by Tommy Bowser July. 16, 2008 1634 views

Day 2 consisted of visiting the Canucks team store, visiting and eating on Granville Island, touring the Vancouver Aquarium, exploring Lynn Canyon Provincial Park, and finally, drinking wobbly-pops.

Penguins fans dress waaaay better. (Frizzy hair and mullets, stonewashed jeans, etc.)

Chad in funny hat.

These ferries only carry about ten people, which explains why I am standing on a dock taking a photo of all my family floating away.

My email address is in the bottom corner of this photo.

Let's eat!

I am an idiot with an afro and dorky sunglasses, but bridges are cool.

This turtle was about 4 feet long. See the shark swimming away from it?

“Hi, I'm ugly.”

I hate snakes.

Didn't this guy sing, “Kiss From A Rose”?

This 2" thick sand-blasted high-density urethane sign tells you were we are.

The suspension is killing me.

Paige, Tyler, and Michelle.

This is what is under the suspension bridge.

I like waterfalls. I will not, however, go chasing them.

Michelle and Josh.

I love this chick.

Josh, Paige, and Dawson overlooking the bridge.

Those trees are tall, eh?

The Ross Mountains Cantilever Road sign. Apparently, this place opened before the Civil War and it is okay to base jump from it. It is 14 feet above BX Falls. Man, signs don't work. I pity the idiots who make this shit.

I don't see Sasquatch either.

I love these people.

Apparently, this stream at the bottle of the gorge is where they store bottles of Labatt Blue before they ship them to the States.

Steps up. Or down, if you're a pessimist.

Makin' empties.

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