Winter rules.

by Tommy Bowser December. 11, 2008 1345 views

Today was one of those days that proved that winter is better than summer. The snow was coming down pretty good, but it wasn't even that cold at all. At midnight, when I let the dog out, I followed her out to enjoy the snow. It was quiet and bright out, Kalle was eating snow, I wasn't covered in sweat.

I love winter.

She loves the snow. She plops herself down in it.

Snow sets on her.

The gold one has her name and my phone number, the red one is her rabies tag.

Keeping an eye out for criminals and evildoers.

(They might have food!)

In the winter, these branches look nice covered in snow.

In the summer, they whack me in the head when I'm mowing.

I love winter.

(If my nose looks weird, it it because I had to photoshop my nostril. There was a piece of snow that looked like a booger.)

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Justin Elias 8 years, 10 months ago

That explains why you keep the house like a fucking igloo year round

8 years, 10 months ago Edited