Penguins beat the Capitals, in DC

by Tommy Bowser March. 08, 2009 2878 views

As for me, I'm in between
All I can do is dream
We've got a lot more livin' to do
and a lot more loving, too

-from Salute (A Lot More Livin' To Do) by Gordon Lightfoot

A squirrel in the yard behind Bobbi's. It is directly in the center of the picture.

On the metro, going to the Pens game.

Subway tunnel.

“Is this where they have five dollar footlongs?”

What's the name of the bar we are going to? I don't know.

Awesome robot as soon as you walk in.

Caps fans are bitter. They have put pics of Sidney and the Pens' logo in the urinals. Aw, what's the matter Caps fans? Your shitty team has never won the Cup? Whaaaaah, boo hoo. The Penguins rule. Capitals blow. Go Pens.


We are both 28.

His eyes light up!

What's Letang doing?

T-shirts dropping from the rafters, on parachutes. Cool idea. Some of the parachutes didn't work, so some unlucky fans got pegged my a cotton projectile.

Penguins have three goals!

Way to build a FrankenJersey, cheap Caps fan. Semin blows, by the way.

After the Penguins beat the Caps, we stopped by this place to grab a bite to eat.

Cool idea. Reminds me of something that Krista would think up.

How's your food guys? Uh, is this a bad time?

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Tommy Bowser 12 years, 4 months ago

Coming tomorrow... THE ALASKA JOURNEY BEGINS!!!

12 years, 4 months ago Edited