A very musical St. Patrick's day party

by Tommy Bowser March. 21, 2009 1915 views

Do you believe
what you see?

from Stalkinghorse by Wraith

Getting things started is the host of the party, E. Ville, playing the bagpipes!

Feckin Irish Whiskey. Let's drink!

Live band tonight: LIGHTNING ROD!

Bob on drums, Jason on bass guitar.

Eddie Moon on guitar.

You can see his shorts under his kilt.

Read what it says. It is true.

Kevin is a very fine cat, indeed.

Robin is a fine cat also. Playing music video games upstairs…

…playing real instruments downstairs.

This Air Supply song required dual harmonies.

He's the Michael Jordan [static.seekingalpha.com] of stringed instruments.

Courtney and Krista playing some beer pong in front of the world's largest collection of exotic beer bottles.


Shots of whiskey with Gretchen.

Jason can play the guitar too. I guess you could say he is bilingualbidextrous.

“Don't tell my heart! My achey breakey heart!”

Robin and Buddy.

Here they are performing 4'33" [en.wikipedia.org].

The life of every party, the SkullSlicers Bowling Organization, LLC.

Play that funky music.



SBT's best guitarist.

Oh no! Andy and Tim from Category Balls, a rival bowling team!

One of these people doesn't live in Sturgeon.

The tapping solo is the best part of every Barry Manilow song.

Late in the night, there was a Wraith reunion.

Rock Band.

Robin and I take Rock Band as seriously as we take bowling.

Raow! Hiss!

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