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I can see the future now
With the sun on my face and the wind to my back
If I could just breathe it in for just a little while
How beautiful life can be

-from Thin Dream by Doyle Bramhall II

This reminds me of a funny bit by Brian Regan [comedians.comedycentral.com].

Welcome to The Old Mill House. Behind those trees is the old mill.

And there's the Old Mill House!

That guy's car sure is funny looking.

The innkeeper is an excellent judge of character.

On the right is the innkeeper, the lovely and gracious Dreama.

The back porch.

Dreama apparently has prepared for us. Wait, these are all empty! Dreama apparently hates us!

My first margarita… ever!

That horse over there is poking his head out.

That tree is crooked.

According to my calculations, this chapel is over 700 years old.

Graves Chapel.

Three human beings walking on a road.

Don't be caught off guard when the road ends in 480 miles, or if you are going 30 miles per hour, 16 hours later. Stay alert!

Check out the reflection in the pond.

Did I mention that Dreama does massage [virginiaoldmillhouse.com] too?

Everyone's favorite free-loaders.

Isn't this a character from the Simpsons [en.wikipedia.org]?

I like these three chicks.

Taken right before she wrestled me into the stream.

If you didn't watch the comedy clip that was linked to the first caption, you should.

That stream over there? It has alligators.

A peek inside the old mill.

A long time ago, whenever the old mill wasn't old, there was an entire car hanging from this tree. Now, only the tire remains.

I recognize all of the people up in that window.

What a view. What a cool place.

Sorry I don't have any pics of inside the house. If you'd like to see the inside of the house, or make a reservation, please visit Dreama's web site. [virginiaoldmillhouse.com]

Dreama is a wonderful hostess and this is a great place.

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