Third Put-in-Bay Camping Trip! Day 1

by Tommy Bowser June. 19, 2009 3059 views

Where you're safe from the spray and the kitty and the chase
If bugs can make it there they could make it any place
The sun going down and the sun coming up
Yeah bug city's rocking, Yeah that feather pluckin' log is lit up

-from Bug City by The Presidents Of The United States of America

Noon arrival, not bad, considering we were scheduled to leave at 7:30am.

Darcy and Mark onboard the ferry to South Bass Island.

So excited, they are buggin'!

I'm not bugging you, am I?

What the-??!! There are bugs all over this dude's vehicle!

That's me. In a tree. Attaching a T-A-R-P.
(Anybody can rap like Snoop Dogg. You just spell stuff and it rhymes!)

She's probably texting Mark right now.

Earth is a nice place. Too bad smokers throw their cigarette butts all over it.

Our set up.


Check out the cheese dripping from the cheddarwurst. Justin, eat your heart out.

View of the stony beach.

Michelle's butt is seen in the distance.


Mark is standing up.

Donnie and Alicia are here!

Blue polygon.

Other people are here.

Tent, trees, boring captions, people.


Get ready for a “bug-related” music quote at the end.

Deja vu. Good job putting this picture up twice, Doofus.

Some personal time with that girl who won't leave me alone.

Gearing up for the coming storm.

Nobody really likes her. I don't know why we even brought her.

Check out the bugs on the backs of the chairs.

Earth is a terrible place. Deadly electricity blasts from the sky! The gods are angry with us! Quick, sacrifice someone!

Here comes the rain.

Huddled together under the blue polygonal tarp.

Dumping the rain off the tarp. What a stupid way to spend an evening.

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