Beach Boardwalk and Big Basin Redwoods State Park

by Tommy Bowser July. 03, 2009 1845 views

Oh, what marvelous things!
Dark night hold tight
and sleep tight
my baby.
Morning light shall burst bright
and keep us here safely.

-from Marvelous Things by Eisley

Start the day off right: in a hot tub drinking a bloody mary!

The Santa Cruz beach. Visible to the right is the wharf, and you can see the steps leading down to where you can look at the seals.

If you've ever heard Michelle talk about the merry-go-round with rings, here it is.

Santa Cruz has one of those terrifying chair-lift rides.

On the Giant Dipper, one of the wooden coasters.

Looks as awesome as it was.

Looks sickening.

Ah, the Redondo Jungle LumberRun!

Next time I am here, I will conquer all these rides.

Frequenters of Pittsburgh's Kennywood Park will recognize Laffing Sal.

After the morning at the Boardwalk, we trekked to Big Basin Redwoods State Park. As you can see, the trees here are big, and I am amazed by them.

Forest fires are nothing to a tree that is 40 miles tall.

These are little ones!

Mike carries the pack which holds our lunch.

Everyone's favorite free-loaders.

We stopped for a break at this convincingly real “felled tree” bench.

4 people. What a shitty caption.

Walking next to a tree that is probably about a thousand years old.

Stopping for lunch next to a big fireplace. Pass the turkey sandwich!

We made it to the top of the mountain!

Award winning shot here, folks.

This wins an award, too: stinkiest pits.

Conquering mountains makes you need to sit down for a bit.


Eric and Michelle.


They like each other.

Eric has spotted sasquatch!

Enjoying a beer, looking like my old man.

No chair lift back down? Damn it, I guess we'll have to walk back down… or run!

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