Six Flags America

by Tommy Bowser July. 13, 2009 2462 views

This ride
that takes me through life
leads me into darkness but emerges into light

-from Unbound (The Wild Ride) by Avenged Sevenfold

Six Flags America. The caption is redundant, because the photo is of the sign.

The swings. We didn't go on this, partially because I am afraid of the swings.

Lots of people here today.

The entrance to the Gotham City section of the park.

Joker's Jinx… pretty cool coaster.

Wow. Who designs this stuff?

The Joker's Jinx. This shot was taken from the big first hill on Superman.

We squint when the sun is bright.

Rides are fun.

Up next is The Penguin's Blizzard River.

This ride spins the whole way down.

Kinda fun.

Skull Mountain is a log flume coaster. It has sections where your boat floats in water and a couple of hills and dips with no water, like the part where you come out of the skull's mouth.

A view of The Mind Eraser, taken from Roar, the worst ride of the day. The Roar was like a 2 minute car accident. It was a wooden coaster that rickety-racked and launched you around at speeds waaay too fast for a wooden coaster.

Aboard Roar. Notice that we don't look like we are smiling.



The bucket on the very top fills up and tips over, spilling water all over the place.

The water slides were fun.

Nice paint job.

Aboard Skull Mountain.

The Batwing, as seen from Superman.

Batwing from the ground.

Batwing kinda sucked. I am not a fan.

Waiting in line to pay $20 for a bacon cheeseburger, fries, and a soda.

Aboard the Wild One, a wooden coaster designed by John Miller, the guy that designed the Thunderbolt at Kennywood.

Pretty cool big Superman logo on the ground.

Cool superhero signage adorns the park.

Nice outfit!

Last ride of the day: Superman: Ride of Steel!

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