Karaoke at Michael's

by Tommy Bowser September. 25, 2009 1926 views

Woh oh woh oh oh
Ah ah ha ha ah ah
La la la la la la
Woh oh oh la ah ah

-from Killing Me Softly with His Song by Roberta Flack

Hey Justin, don't look behind you, but its the dude from the Gap Band! [greatthingschicago.com]

What a performer!

Her voice isn't the only thing that's solid gold.

Nice PJs, Buddy!

“Why do birds… suddenly appear….”

Stanley, Gretchen, Kevin, and Jason.

Jodi and Kevin.

Instead of singing a song, Krista gave a forty minute speech about identity theft, and all the things you can do to protect yourself. It was amazing, the crowd loved it.

The girl behind her is like, “She brings up some good points, we have to remember to get a paper shredder.”

Jim Benard visible in the background.

Four people, four beers… and Chad isn't even holding one!

You can tell we are pretty excited that the DJ decided to play the Cupid Shuffle!

“Boots wit da furr!”

Our true reaction. We both think songs that tell you how to dance are ridiculously dupid.

She's allowed to like it though, because she is a white girl.

I see you back there, Charlie Wilson!

Sta is very excited that three Benards are in the background of this photo.

Stepping to the left, stepping to the right, and then clapping is not dancing. It is choreographed walking.

Mandy and Becky, some little kids that used to live down the street from me. I can't believe that the bar let these 8 year olds in.

I have no idea.

I know most of these people.

Whoopi looks on as some scandalous females raise an arm near a dapper, educated man.

Is that your big friend?

Some of Neil Peart's deepest lyrics.

“Arf! Arf! Arf! Arf!”

“Owfh! Owfh! Owfh! Owfh!”

Buddy, which one of us wore pajamas to the bar?


This picture makes me want to pull out her hair.

Clever caption, etc.


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