A fun day in VA with my baybay

by Tommy Bowser October. 18, 2009 3189 views

You make time stand still.
You do it now and you always will.
You take me as I am.
You make me feel like a brand new man.
Every time time that I fall down,
I never get stuck.
You got the combination, gal, to get me right back up
'cause you are what I am
I'm loving you forever if I can.

-from You Are What I Am by Gordon Lightfoot

If you were hanging out with me, you'd be smiling too.

We went to a farm that was having a fall festival. Here, Michelle shoots the pumpkin cannon.

Some poor girl has to pound the pumpkins into the cannon.

I didn't factor the wind into my aiming.

Take this, writers of Geico commercials! Bam!

Show mommy how the piggies eat.

The green of the farm equipment brings out her eyes.

Penis a doodle doo!

Ugly blue-headed dinosaur descendants.

Weirdest lookin' monkey I ever did saw.


Yeah, you heard me right, ugly.

One day, my dog might eat your ears.

Michelle is wearing a shirt that is made out of that doofy-looking animal back there. Uh dur!

The closest pig smells worse than the far pig.

Cool, barbed wire! I should get this tattooed around my arm! Or perhaps I could get a shred of originality.

This bull was pretty cool.

No bull.

This bull was as tall as me. Being this close to a bull makes me hate those people who run with the bulls. Bulls could probably ruin your day.

Bulls can lick inside their nostrils.

Bull shit!

Even the funny looking cow in front loved that last caption/picture combo.

Her Native name is Walks With Chickens.


After a fun day at the farm, we visited a winery [drymillwine.com].

After tying one on at the winery, we hit up a cafe.

Excellent bacon on this bacon cheeseburger.

Michelle enjoys a reuben.

For dinner, we ordered some pizza from Ledo's. Here we have a great Hawaiian pizza.

And here we have a Chicken Florentine pizza. Both were really excellent.

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Art Bee 7 years, 10 months ago

I really like this post! What a load of "crap"......lol

7 years, 10 months ago Edited
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