He said, kids, stop drinking that brew. You'll hang while you can, but the joke's on you. -from Uncle Toad Said by Gordon Lightfoot

You can't change it You can't rearrange it If time is all that we got Then baby, let's take it. - from Change It by Stevie Ray Vaughan

Don't call us, We'll call you! - from Don't Call Us, We'll Call You by Sugarloaf (I currently am rocking to this song.)

Wet with your blood I sharpen my sword No turning the other cheek like a coward Come tomorrow I may lay down and die But not this day! -from This Day We Fight!…

There's nothing like a bath of fire to get this deep down dirt outta me - from Bath of Fire by The Presidents of the United States of America

Hard to see the moon when the smoke is all around I live in the big city and they tell me we are free. - from Big City by Luther Allison

I'm not ashamed to say that I've loved you well. I'm not ashamed to let you know I'm just a name, that's all, scratched upon your wall You used it well, but…
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