Lightning Rod destroys the Fireside Inn

by Tommy Bowser November. 06, 2009 3798 views

Shake me!
All night!
Shake me!
Shake it, don't break it, baby.

-from Shake Me by Cinderella

Lightning Rod live, baybay!

“We're gonna open up with some Manilow. 1, 2, 3, 4!”

“Her name was Lola! She was a showgirl!”

White men can't jump.

Yeah, but can you throw it up in the air and not catch it and have it knock you out? []

Danny Rokkit, King Crash, and Dr. Thunder.

He plays bass so hard, it knocks you out! They're gonna have to carry out the audience!

"Up next, we got Rainy Days and Mondays [] by the Carpenters! Yaow!

He's alright, but he's no Meg White.

Edmundo is a nice, well-adjusted man. But notice that both of his middle fingers are extended. What a bastard.

"Do we do any Elton John? Just Rocket Man."

If they changed the name of the band, he'd have to get a new guitar strap.

Aw, how cute! They coordinated their outfits, just like their favorite band []!

This live band is playing music.

A dude looks to his right.

Krista prepares to bust a cap.

We all have connections to Sturgeon and hockey.

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