IHOP, meeting Finn, hockey practice, Chuck E. Cheese, Penguins party

by Tommy Bowser January. 16, 2010 2455 views

Heard you're new in town.
Want someone to show you 'round?

-from New In Town by Little Boots

Started off the day eating breakfast with my mama and Michelle at IHOP. I got sirloin tips, mushrooms, scrambled eggs with cheese, and hash browns. Yum.

Then we headed over to meet Finn.

Well, hello there, little baby!

I do the same thing, Finn. Very comfortable, I know.


My two girls.

Tyler, Shea and a huge box of candy that you can only have if you put two quarters in the machine and then operate a weak crane.

That's Brenden in the center of the pic defending a two-on-one.

Chad's son, Krista's daughter, Bobbi's daughter, and Eileen's daughter.

A cup full of tokens!

Step aside, kids, let Michelle show you how to play this.

Your fake smile isn't tricking me, Brenden, I can tell you hate this!


That is what you call a swoosh.

Maybe someday, they will be hustlers at this game, like their uncle is at Kennywood.

Shea started off kinda weak at this, but after some instruction from his older brother, he was whistling the skee-balls right up there.

Excuse me, little girl, but can't you tell by the way we are dressed that this game is OUR TURF!

A defensive struggle. The best part of this game was that Shea won; with every goal his younger brother scored on him, Brenden congratulated him with, “Good shot, buddy!”


The boys loved the torpedo game.


It is pizza time!

On the roller coaster simulator.

Tyler, your glasses don't quite fit right.

It is amazing that these plastic pipes can hold a Michelle.

Well, same to yinz!

Notice that we are picking prizes from the cheap stuff, because our adults didn't win all the tickets.

It is amazing how many adults you see at Chuck E. Cheese playing (cheating) the games.

Meeting of the minds.

A couple of people stopped over to watch the Penguins battle the Canucks.

Only one person was pleased with the outcome.

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