Watching the Penguins season opener

by Tommy Bowser October. 07, 2010 2204 views


We ordered some food from Pizza Palace. I wasn't impressed with the hot wings. They all fell apart and shit.

The Pens lost to the Flyers because the referees cheat like a mother-fucker. I hate NHL referees. The officiating in the NHL is a joke. And what happens after the referee cheats, and it is obvious to anyone with half a brain? Does that referee get fired? Suspended? Berated? Does he have to watch a video of how he cheated and lied on national tv, and even had the television guys say that he cheated? Does he feel shame?


There is no punishment for referees. There is no questioning them. They are GOD.

The NHL is a joke. Stop changing the fucking rules. Don't make the damn nets bigger. It doesn't matter where the goalie touched the puck. Stop measuring players' sticks. If you want to increase scoring, ENFORCE THE RULES.

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