Ocean City, MD

by Tommy Bowser June. 10, 2011 2606 views

Typically I only wear hats when it is extremely sunny. The hat I am sporting here is a Sol Beer hat that has a bottle opener built into the bill.

Michelle and Noelle on the beach. Barely discernible out there are Jim and Lynn.

Jim and Susan look on at the rehearsal.

When the groom forgot his keys inside, and the staff locked up and left, some people would have considered this a bad situation. Luckily, someone in our group (we won't mention any names, to protect my innocence) realized that there had to be an unlocked window and thus, saved the day.

After the rehearsal and dinner, we decided to go out for a night on the town. The girls, being stupid girls who come up with terrible ideas, thought it would be a great experience to take the drunk bus to get to the bar.

What a miserable and terrible experience.

It was us and 8000 horny, obnoxious, germy, dirty, stinky, annoying piss-ants who are too stupid to have a car. I hate public transportation, and I can proudly say I will never do it ever again.

See how all those people are holding onto those rails? You know who else was holding onto those rails, right before you? A homeless guy who just got done scratching his unwashed asshole.

I have a job. I have a car. I will not ride a bus again.

Incidentally, I like this picture because of Jess's smile. The bride obviously does not hate the drunk bus.

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