Cuddly Dudley

by Philip Prefontaine March. 02, 2010 990 views

#87/365: Monday was a happy day for Renée - she finally was picked to take “Cuddly Dudley” home from school. Her grade 1 class has been using penguins as a focal point of teaching for weeks and weeks (eg. learing about the different types of penguins, how they eat, hear, swim, where they live, learning measurements so they can see how tall they are, etc.). Kids in the class also have gotten turns to take Dudley home for a few days, with homework like writing stories about what he did while visiting, colouring, et. al.

I'm guessing that Renée must have been one of the last in her class to have her turn, and the wait had obviously built up quite an eagerness about him as I don't recall her diving into homework with as much gusto as she had with Dudley today….

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