Holowach Tree Geocache

by Philip Prefontaine February. 29, 2012 2124 views

#85/365 - February 28th: The coffee lines at the local Tim Horton's are longer then usual thanks to their #86/365 - February 29th: In the 1920's, a young Edmonton man by the name of Walter Holowach spent 6 years studying the violin in Vienna and grew to love a horse chestnut tree outside his window there. When he returned back to Edmonton he brought some chestnuts from that tree to plant, giving it a try despite being told that the climate was too cold for the type of tree. Most of the seedlings didn't survive but one did manage to grow in his yard - it is now an Alberta heritage tree and it is referred to as the “mother” horse chestnut tree in northern Alberta as it was the first one planted in Edmonton.

Community efforts helped protect and preserve the tree from developement in 1998 and it remains today hidden away in a small oasis. I paid it a short visit today while logging a small geocache close by for Leap Day…

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