Valentine's Day (Day 7 of 30)

by Tony Dang February. 14, 2012 503 views

Valentine's Day… Today was better than expected, but worst than hoped. In homeroom, they handed out the flowers and I didn't get any but I don't really care since barely anyone else did. Spanish was normal… Sr. Venero pissed off since everyone else was happy. In math we had a sub and we just did worksheets. Some people are so self-centered… Science was good then went downhill really quickly. Band was normal. Double band was annoying. People need to learn to listen to what I say sometimes because they're not always right. Language Arts was fine. We had a test in Georgia Studies and it was okay. The bus was extra annoying today. Practically ruined my day. I had some rice with meat, corn with cheese and bacon, some soup, and a slice of cake for dinner. My cousin made a special dinner for her and her boyfriend and invited me to eat with them.

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