Complain Day (Day 28 of 30)

by Tony Dang March. 06, 2012 800 views

School was fine, but after school was a whole different story. After band camp, my cousin was “stuck in traffic” so I was sitting outside for like half in hour.

There is only one thing you can never stay to me. Respect that and we can be friends, if you don't then I'll plan your death. Simple as that.

Band camp went well but it's certain people that were starting to seriously bother me. So I'm going to take today to complain about people I hate.

Person 1) Allison Fine: This girl is so annoying. I don't even know her that well because she's a 7th grader but sitting in front of her in band is enough to know I hate her. She is so obnoxious and rude.
Person 2) Jaime Vazquez: I hatttte this guy with a passion. He is the biggest douche ever. He thinks he's all that but he's really a dumb, lowlife, scum sucking idiot. He constantly ruins my days because he's on my bus, the first and last place I go. Life would be so much better without him.
Person 3) Thach Ho: He's my cousin's boyfriend. I also hate him with a passion. He also thinks he's all that but he's just a loser. A loser that is ugly, dumb, immature, and just stupid. I sincerely think my cousin can do better than him.
Person 4) Irene Vargheese: She didn't really get to me until today, when we were waiting to get home.
Person 5) Kyle Pike: I don't have a real reason to hate him, but he hates me for no good reason so I hate him.
Person 6) Grant Mull: I've never met him but after what happened, I hate him with all my heart.
Person 7) Sophie Gruber: She is conceded. She's the definition of dumb blonde.
Person 8) Alyssa Martinez: She is so mean to people that is not her friends. She is conceded and rude.

There's so many more people but I can't think of them right now. The sad part is that I had to take out my yearbook to remember some of them.

I made chicken nuggets, my favorite meal, for the first time in months. I already put every nugget and fry on my plate but then I closed the oven and everything fell on the floor. I was really upset. I still ate it but it didn't taste right.

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